The information circulating in mass media (mis) information, as archos on three giant alien spacecraft approaching Earth, supposedly confirmed by Wikileaks is a good example of how viralizar online manipulation of information, perhaps with a hidden agenda to make the world believe we could be invaded by aliens.

Over the last few months has been circulating the Internet for information on three alleged giant alien spacecraft approaching the Earth ominously.

This information yesterday viralizar massively when speaking different sites picked up the note mixing WikiLeaks and NASA on the issue of irresponsible, as if part of the massive misinformation campaign that has become the theory conspiracy, the mythical date of 2.012, the planet Nibiru and aliens.

Without asserting that something is happening in the cosmos and on earth related to a climax, that there are extraterrestrial intelligence (and perhaps are here) or that there is a mysterious planet whose orbit is about all of which is a possibility, but exceeds our ability to categorically state in any sense is evident that most of the information circulating on the Internet on these issues is outrageously false immensely entertaining if you're a fan of science fiction and digital mischief, but a little dangerous if taken easily beliefs about these phenomena.

But the original sources of this information has been online by the archos from Colombia or the Argentina Digital Journalist site (two newspapers that, beyond being tabloid or not, have some influence to be mass-circulation), are murkier of the Internet across the spectrum of media such as Fox News or News of the World are sites such as euthymic,

Before ITS News and Weekly World News, the latter the source of this latest information and many other notorious hoaxes.

Euthymic since December last year released information about alleged WikiLeaks wires taken from the ubiquitous Russian scientists informants or (the preferred source of conspiracy hoaxsters) in which he advised Dmitry Medvedev on a supposed war between the aliens and the U.S. in the South Pacific.

Of course, these leads never appeared. Another rumor emerged, also in December 2.010 on WikiLeaks cable that would confirm the use of HAARP as a military weapon, the source this time was the great illusion of the conspiracy web, Sorcha Faal, an alleged renegade Russian agent.

The information on this person would have to be a confidant of Putin and Medvedev, has fantastic stories of the new era and the Illuminati and others, and weigh that repetitively produces false information, such as sites or suspiciously keep falling into their clutches.

As published in Pajamas Surf's mention of UFOs Assange was pretty peripheral, dismissing its importance, so we should not expect any information in this regard WikiLeaks and perhaps any information on any subject that truly elite commit or attempt against the established reality.

To quote a few paragraphs now published by the newspaper archos media network Metro that has an audience of millions people around the world, from a note which says that WikiLeaks has led evidence that "alien invasion has begun"

"Three giant spaceships are directed towards Earth.

The largest of which is 200 miles wide.

The other two are slightly smaller.

Currently, objects are moved only by Jupiter.

Judging by his speed, should be on Earth in early 2.012, "said John Malley, an expert on extraterrestrial SETI.

"Spacecraft have been detected by the search system HAARP.

The system, based in Alaska, was designed to study the phenomenon of aurora borealis. According to researchers at SETI, the objects are alien spacecraft.

Be visible in optical telescopes as soon as they arrive at the orbit of Mars at some time in March 2.012.

The U.S. government has been informed about the event. "

This is the note view of this newspaper yesterday and not surprisingly so is the greed and page views of numerous other sites have replicated.

One need not be very keen to find out that there are many things totally incoherent on this information.

On the one hand, if the scientist John Malley, who has been officially cited as the source that justifies the existence of these giant ships for almost a year, actually have said this and was part of the SETI Institute, it is logical that the Institute does not have lost their funding as happened this year (until he was rescued by donations, including Jodie Foster).

It is even quite poor site that Weekly World News is a SETI scientist who has discovered the impending invasion, when we know that this school is totally mainstream and uses the Allen Telescope and not "search the HAARP system," which and seems a sort of mockery or Mindfuck gigantic mass, as if HAARP has been blamed for everything (and does have the ability to alter the weather), one can hardly believe that their antennae managed to shoot into space waves for information extrasolar giant of a ship.

Anyone looking for this mythical professor Malley (A pun on Halley?) On the Internet alone will find the same information on hundreds of blogs iterated conspiracy in different languages. Which probably means that this person simply does not exist (Malley was also quoted by Weekly World News to say, in the case of UFO over Jerusalem, which was a sure sign of alien invasion, this time as an expert "panel to UN Study Extraterrestrial ").

The interesting phenomenon is that there is an Internet network of mass disinformation that replicates itself, especially spreading this issue from an alien invasion, either through a planet or a fleet of ships, at a point close to 2012 .

Most bloggers probably are just deluded reproduced without investigating what they read, perhaps because it conforms with their own beliefs and what they want to pass this desire of the apocalyptic revelation of this decadent system somehow change radically.

It's understandable.

But then is not entirely unreasonable to suspect that there is a hidden agenda to distribute this information and influence the planetary mind.

If there is a massive conspiracy (which could be even more amazing that three giant alien spacecraft approaching the Earth), the best way to hide it and make it "amazing" it is with other plots of this type, making what prevails is misinformation, that in such (and so) bizarre fallacy is hard to believe in anything that does not fit the general consensus of what is "real."

And if this is happening, have done well since nowadays, who really knows what's happening in the world?

Who could say with certainty that the planet is or is not controlled by a reptilian race of space, the planet is in a process of spiritual ascension "to take place between the Galactic Federation shining light" that the 2012 is a gigantic manipulation to make the world believe in the end of the world or that is in fact a cosmic synchronization date where consciousness has the ability to create and find your own divinity, its alignment with the center of the galaxy?

Maybe someone who is extremely spiritual faculties awake, lucid with an understanding that is capable of transcending the information screens and go directly to the light of cosmic consciousness (or something), can know without doubt what is happening.

But most of the world has no way to do it, and although some do well to be guided by your intuition, there are many who are guided by what they hear and see the (new) media.

That intelligence agencies like the CIA have been linked to the spread of belief in extraterrestrials has been documented by Picknet Lynn and Clive Prince, who in his book The Stargate Conspiracy show a clear relationship between the secret CIA program and Pipeline alleged aliens known as the Group of Nine.

This suggests that the CIA, at least one of its factions, has been involved in spreading the belief in the existence of extraterrestrials for decades.

There is also a conspiracy that has been called "Blue Beam", a supposed secret project to simulate holographic technology arrival or alien invasion on a massive scale to affect the psyche and to implement a global new world order, either under the leadership of these "gods" aliens or against them, bringing together the world in extremis.

There is no evidence of this project, but it is certainly an interesting theory that delves into the common practice of "false flag events" (as was apparently the attack of 11 septimenbre of 2,001).

Perhaps this article has clarified things a lot on what happens in the global scene, but who could?.

In any case may prove to have a critical eye about these issues.

You may believe what is happening on the global TV and mainstream media is even more fantastic to believe in alien spacecraft approaching the planet, but the important thing is that, believe what you believe, you know how you got that belief and that is something that resonates with your own conscience but to do that maybe you have to debug many layers of mind.

Meanwhile it is impractical not to approach this type of information as one approaches a novel of science (meta) fiction, fascinated by his fantastic landscapes that make the imagination and also make us question our own reality.

Knowing that what we imagine, imagine what someone else can direct its beam into the mirror and materialize in your reality.

After all, as I said Buckminister Fuller, the earth is a spaceship and this is a journey.

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  1. It sounds like a little bite everything mentioned. Example, our government has space carfts, received from ET's they are incontract with. If benevolent ET's do arrive it's our government contractual duty to make us believe they are our enemy. Populations would be divided. As in divid us and continue to conqurlong us.


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