Thursday, October 4, 2012

Progressive races or races to provide service to others

There are several races to intervene to control the system breaks down and for the human race evolves.

All are working together to help human beings to be free of the control system and to guide you find your way to the ascension of consciousness.

It is said that the human race has its origins in a group of spiritual beings of the 11 th density known as Paa Tal "and the first physical manifestation of these occurred in Lyra. 
These breeds derived from Lyra after the wars they were forced to migrate to other systems:


Pleiades - Sirius - Andromeda - Cassiopea - Acturus - Antares - Cygnus Alpha - Sagittarius A and B
Alpha Centauri - Tau Ceti - Procyon

I will describe to the races of which I have more knowledge.

Illustration Semjase (Pleiadian cosmonaut to contact E. Billy Meier).

Pleiadians (Taygeta and Maya):

The Pleiadians provinientes of Taygeta and Maya are purely benevolent beings with respect to other races, have a lot of spiritual wisdom and technological knowledge as their ancestry as in the case of others Pleyadiandos corresponds to Lyra.

They maintain a constant war with the Orion group and attend other races to evolve.

Beings are characterized by high average height between 2.30mts 1.80mts and white skin, blond hair and blue eyes is spoken predominantly but also some Pleiadians with brown hair and green eyes.

Commonly known as "Nordic."

To date there have been a great group of people contacted by beings from pleyades provinientes of these systems.

Sirius (Sirius A):

Sirius beings are human in appearance, are almost indistinguishable from a person, although some of its features are: average height of a 2.10mts 1.80mts can be skinned and blaquesina, some of them are blond and eyes blue or emerald, in other cases may have more the appearance of an "Arab."


It is said that a group of these beings has infiltrated world organizations to curb the control system decisions regarding the imposition of policies and restrictions that are taking away little by little people.

They have also made great efforts to promote ecological restoration on the planet.

They are highly advanced beings from the 6th density, are now projecting a lot of energy into the earth to synchronize the energy with people who are looking for change, there are many reports of people who have dreamed of beings from Sirius where they reveal situations and things. 

Even thousands of years has given man very advanced knowledge.

Andromedans (Zenetae)

Andromedans human beings Zenetae system in the Andromeda Galaxy, its appearance also corresponds to our own but also have features such as: skin bluish, whitish and sometimes rojisos, height is very variable and can range from EL1. 2.30mts 60mts up tall, some of them do not have hair.

Andromedans came to the solar system to support this region of the galaxy evolution, in addition to assisting other benevolent races to "fight" the dark forces of Orion and Alpha Draconis.

They were attributed many of the "Crop Circles" in the UK.

They are a highly advanced race in the technological and spiritual sense, it is said that long ago they went through a similar crisis in their civilization as sufieron of dictatorship and were about to be "conquered" by forces so draconian and Cassiopeia Arctuarianos and assisted them there until "then" evolved in a great degree.

They argue that the essence of creation is fenenima polarity and conceive of "God" or "Being" as they call it a female and not male body is believed on Earth.

The main message of the Andromedans is to elevate our consciousness and work and come together as a race to get rid of the Control System.

Casipeos (Cassiopeia)

They regard themselves as beings of Light in the 6 ° and 7 ° density is not known for any physical contact or any projection of its image and physical appearance if they were to take one for the 3 rd density.

They are credited with the rescue of civilizations as Zenetae, Tau Ceti and Procyon hundreds of thousands of years ago when Alpha Draconis forces trying to implement your control system.

The C's are a group of humans that survived Lyra Wars and perhaps be of the lineage containing intact in addition to the Pleiadians, Syrians, Arctuarianos Andromedans and Vegans.

His relationship with humans on Earth says that the Celts are descended from the C's, otherwise they themselves Through his posts have stated.

"At the time of the approach to Earth, no refund with you again, as we somo 'yourself in the future'."

This concept in physical terms even I find hard to understand.

Arctuarianos (Arcturus)

The Arctuarianos are part of the human race, after the Wars of Lyra found their home in the Arcturus system, not much information is known about them since they even qualify as a race very reserved and usually do not intervene in the events of other races and only remain as spectators unless you have very critical implications.

Is known of them being a benevolent race most of his face as it is said that there is a subversive group of them who choose not to take action on anything.

However, the majority faction benevolent as is well known to be beings of great healing ability.

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  1. Consider the possibility that they are here to manipulate us, to deceive us, and to enslave us. They are here to take our resources for themselves, and take humans as their workforces. They will lie to us and tell us what we want to hear, be it spiritual advancement, peace, or technology advancement, to obtain what they are really here for - to use us and to use our resources.